Carbon — A Garden Blessing and a World Curse

Life on Earth depends on Carbon. In our gardens, it is a blessing but released into our atmosphere and it can be a curse.

Biochar, An Introduction…

The newest thing to change the gardening world has been here all the time. Biochar is the original soil enhancer from the time of the Earth’s first forest fire.

Organic Solution for Verticillum Wilt?

  It’s a sad spring as my tree form Japanese Maple is dying. I noticed the first branches dying last fall and while I was beginning to get concerned I decided to wait and see what happened this spring. Of the 3 most prevalent root borne diseases to affect Japanese maples I think mine has┬áverticillum […]

Biochar… Saving the World, Part 2

As we discussed in our last post on Biochar, this product has amazing potential for solving many of the environmental problems we face. We found this nice summary posted by Biochar Supreme ( and when we read through this we wonder, “Is this product for real?” Turns out, “Yes!” A few questions remain… 1) Is […]