The Wonderful World of Microbes!

Crazy footage of the world of microbes… 2015 winners

Finding Mycorrhizae in our Worm Castings (updated video link)

Mycorrhizal Fungi… The amazing microscopic building block under our feet!

New Lawn Weed Killer Uses 80% Less Chemical

Nano-technology promises to reduce pesticide residual for killing lawn weeds.

In Awe of Compost Tea!

Amazing FertileTea and the life we can brew in 24 hours!

Plants to Pull Over and Admire! January: Redtwig Dogwood

Add some spark to your winter garden: Redtwig Dogwoods

Rain Gardens are Proven to be a Big Boost in Water Quality

For the past 7 years I have been installing Rain Gardens, a planned garden depression that holds and filters rain water. Many of my customers have experienced the fun of watching the garden fill during a rain event and then dissipate when the rain has stopped. They understand that the rain garden helps to slow […]

Top Books for the Organic Gardener, a Holiday Shopping Guide

Need a thought-provoking book for the gardener on your list? Try one of these!

Pruning for Form — The Tale of 2 Dogwoods

I came across an interesting tree pruning situation the other day… Two of the same variety Dogwood trees where one was exhibiting upright growth habit and the other lateral growth habit. This presented an interesting pruning challenge on how these trees should be pruned and a great lesson in pruning for a plant’s “form.” A […]

Plant Nutrients: A nice reference summary…

Do you know all 16 chemical elements that plants need to be successful? Read about it here…

Product Update: Myco-Apply Max to replace Myco-Apply Endo

The craziness continues…