Organic Solution for Verticillum Wilt?

  It’s a sad spring as my tree form Japanese Maple is dying. I noticed the first branches dying last fall and while I was beginning to get concerned I decided to wait and see what happened this spring. Of the 3 most prevalent root borne diseases to affect Japanese maples I think mine has┬áverticillum […]

Kelp Help! & Fish On!

Meet my new friend, Mat Mattz, owner of Native-Nutrients. Mat just delivered 55 gallons of Fish On!, a hydrolyzed organic liquid fish fertilizer and 55 gallons of Kelp Help!, a Pacific Northwest Bull Kelp. If you are one of our customers then Mat is soon to be a friend of yours as well as these […]

Every Exit is an Entry Somewhere Else

You can’t change the world if all you do is fight the existing structure. Changing the world takes moving forward with new ideas that make the old ideas, well, old.

Icky Dandelions

As a landscape professional I tend to get overwhelmed with chemical “solutions” to the “problems” we face on our customers’ lawns. The barrage has just begun with Dow AgroSciences sending out an early reminder that I need to get chemicals on my customers’ lawns to head off customer dissatisfaction and the dreadful “callback.” So what’s […]

Plant Guilds (updated: page link restored)

Understanding plant guilds can create more harmonious interactions between plants leading to increased plant vitality.

Lawn Chemicals and Your Family’s Health

50,000 tons of chemicals applied to our landscapes, per year?!┬áPlanet Natural summarizes the problems we face with our heavy dependence on the use of chemicals in one of their Youtube clips: It is hard to watch but it does point out alternatives and gives resources. Thank you Planet Natural for your work in getting us […]

Leaf mold, the video… The excitement rages on! :-)

“Leaf mold” holds important microbiology that is beneficial to our gardens.

January 14th and the grass is still an emerald green!

Green grass in the wintertime is achievable if you kick the nitrogen/iron diet and go organic!

ecoPRO… The new name for the Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional.

ecoPRO… The new standard for Earth-friendly landscape professionals.

Biochar… Saving the World, Part 2

As we discussed in our last post on Biochar, this product has amazing potential for solving many of the environmental problems we face. We found this nice summary posted by Biochar Supreme ( and when we read through this we wonder, “Is this product for real?” Turns out, “Yes!” A few questions remain… 1) Is […]