Organic vs. Synthetic Systems

Gardening using Nature’s systems is better than any system man can create.

Getting Down and Dirty is Good for You!

The research keeps pouring in that we need to get outside and get dirty!

Frenemies… The Good and Bad of Bacteria

Bacteria, our friend and our enemy. We can’t live without them and understanding how to promote the good ones is key to our health and a healthy planet.

Product Update: Myco-Apply Max to replace Myco-Apply Endo

The craziness continues…

Organic Solution for Verticillum Wilt?

  It’s a sad spring as my tree form Japanese Maple is dying. I noticed the first branches dying last fall and while I was beginning to get concerned I decided to wait and see what happened this spring. Of the 3 most prevalent root borne diseases to affect Japanese maples I think mine has┬áverticillum […]