The Fertility of Nature


Science is teaching us to learn from nature. Soil biologists at universities across the country are asking this question: what is natural fertility? If we walk through Mt. Rainer National Park, for example, how are the plants so lush when no one waters, weeds, or fertilizes them? The answer we are coming to learn is living soils.

Harvard and Yale are the first universities to utilize this new science, using a biological tea on campus lawns and plants. Research is showing that this tea increases root growth in plants, allowing them to access more water and nutrients from the soil. This means less work and expense for these Ivy League institutions.

Now FertileTea is bringing this new fertility system to your home. Using the same biological base as Harvard and Yale, we also include a variety of organic fertilizers that provide your landscape with all the nutrients it needs. It’s a new fertility system for your home, but the system is as old as Nature itself.


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