FTheader_0211FertileTea is a brewed biological fertilizer and how we reintroduce naturally occurring biology back into your garden. Most commonly referred to as a “compost tea,” technically, FertileTea is more. Instead of using “compost” as our starter medium, we use “worm castings.” It would be more accurate to call FertileTea a “castings” tea.

But “castings” tea doesn’t fully describe FertileTea either because at the end of our 24 hour brew cycle we commonly add additional sea kelps, micronized fish, micronutrients, humic/fulvic acids, and mycorrhizal fungi. It is literally a smorgasbord of nutrition for your plants that is full of naturally occurring and beneficial biology.

Applying FertileTea will speed up the soil’s digestive properties freeing up nutrients from the organic fertilizers and other organic materials feeding your lawn and plants naturally. Scientific studies have shown that compost tea is also beneficial as an inoculant against many insects and diseases that can attack your grass and other plants. [1]

Our goal is to partner with Nature through replicating and encouraging Her natural cycles. This requires observance and thoughtful, high-quality natural products that supplement the nutritional needs of your plants and feeds the beneficial microbes in your soil. As your soils mature into healthy, biologically active communities your plants begin to take care of themselves, naturally.


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