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Welcome to the organic and sustainable world of Earthdance Organics. From sustainable design through organic lawn, tree and shrub care, we create beautiful landscapes that represent your ideals while also supporting Nature. APLD_LogoBWALP logo

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wordpress-logo-hoz-rgbOrganic and sustainable news you can use in your garden is the central theme of our blog posts. Scroll down to read our latest posts and subscribe to get our blog in your email or follow us on popular social media sites. Let us know what you think and what sustainable or organic advice you need for your landscape.

Biological Fertilizer

FT. logo. 236p wideCentral to our work is bringing the microbial life back to your landscape that can be damaged by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. FertileTea is a brewed worm-castings tea steeped full of beneficial microbes and nutrients that your plants will love and will help to recharge the life in your soils and help suppress diseases.



USDA-Organic-Seal, smallerOn October 21, 2002, the USDA took over control of the word "Organic," and changed forever its meaning. Some die-hard pre-organic, organic farmers refused to pay the fees to have the new USDA-owned label applied to their foods and a new culture was born. Some call it "Beyond Organic." What does "organic" mean to our landscape practices? Stay tuned to our blog for our philosophical groundings and what it means to us and our customers.


ecoPRO_Logo_small web sizeThe Washington State Department of Ecology has put together a brand new program to certify landscape professionals in "sustainable practices." Our owner, Bill Peregrine, is one of the first 22 in Washington State to be certified under this program. What does sustainability mean to our future and how does it apply to landscape practices? Stay tuned to our blog as we look at the future of sustainable landscapes and what it means for all those that inhabit the Earth...

Leaf mold, the video… The excitement rages on! :-)

“Leaf mold” holds important microbiology that is beneficial to our gardens.

January 14th and the grass is still an emerald green!

Green grass in the wintertime is achievable if you kick the nitrogen/iron diet and go organic!

ecoPRO… The new name for the Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional.

ecoPRO… The new standard for Earth-friendly landscape professionals.

Biochar… Saving the World, Part 2

As we discussed in our last post on Biochar, this product has amazing potential for solving many of the environmental problems we face. We found this nice summary posted by Biochar Supreme ( and when we read through this we wonder, “Is this product for real?” Turns out, “Yes!” A few questions remain… 1) Is […]

#1 Recommended Book for 2014?

Our #1 recommended book of 2013 for those that asked was “Teaming with Microbes,” by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis. If you haven’t read it yet and you are trying to do things organically in your yard, we wholeheartedly give it two thumbs up! Before you step into your garden this spring, read this book. The […]

Planet Health Parallels People Health

There is an interesting series at NPR on microbes in our bodies and how they affect people health ( A quick except I found fascinating: “There are 10 times more cells from microorganisms like bacteria and fungi in and on our bodies than there are human cells. Scientists increasingly think that these microorganisms have a huge […]

Biochar… A Bigger Revolution than Organics?

Global Warming Solved! To the untrained eye this may look like just some burnt wood or charcoal but it is actually a processed product called “Biochar.” Not very exciting until you figure Biochar may be our saving grace in locking up carbon from our atmosphere and immensely helping with our global warming problem! Here’s how […]

It’s Raining… Forget the Watering!

Update to the post from earlier today… Nature just dumped over an inch of water on us in the last 20 minutes!  No supplemental watering for me. 🙂  I don’t know if I have ever seen it rain this hard here…   

It’s Raining… Time to Water!

It may come as a surprise because of all the lawns I keep looking great throughout the year that my personal lawn rarely receives any supplemental water. If it’s going to go dormant, well so be it. (Oh, and I like clover but that’s a post for another day. :-)) This post is for all […]

Clover Islands for Bees

Recently one of our bee friendly neighbors was heartbroken when he went to mow his lawn and found that he was removing all the clover flowers from which the bees were gathering nectar. Not only that but it was taking him forever to mow because he felt guilt everytime a bee got sucked up into […]