Landscape Design Questionnaire and Outdoor Activities Survey

Here is our landscape design questionnaire to help you think about your property and get prepared to give us critical feedback. Some items may not be relevant so feel free to just skip over them. Others you may want to elaborate on more than space allows… Feel free to add extra pages, notes or sketches.

Date: ______________________________

Family Inventory



Phone 1                                             Phone 2                                           Email

Number of children                   Ages

Activities that happen in your yard


Other recreational activities, hobbies or interests


Plants, Lawns, Beds

Favorite trees


Favorite shrubs


Favorite ground covers


Least desirable plants


Favorite colors

Least favorite colors

How many blooming plants do you want?      Tons . . . Lots . . . Quite a few . . . Several . . . Not Many . . . None

Do you have a preference?    Evergreen . . . . . Mix . . . . . Deciduous

New lawn areas: Maximize lawn areas . . . . . Balanced . . . . . Minimize lawn areas

Existing lawn areas:  Increase lawn areas . . . . . Same . . . . . Decrease lawn areas

Are views a consideration?      Y     N                Inhibit   or   Enhance

Notes regarding views


If you maintain the landscape yourself, how many hours per week can you work in your yard?

Hours per week:   0-3       3-6       6-9       9-12       12+        *We have someone else maintain our property

Allergy considerations

Fertilizers and Pesticides/Herbicides: What is your organic-to-chemical preference?

Organics only…  Organic fertilizers and natural pesticides most of the time except where control problems require chemicals…   Whatever is most cost effective…   Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are O.K. with me

Other landscape notes


Patio, Deck and Perimeter Areas

Entertaining:       Formal . . . . . Vs . . . . . Informal                     Group size:      0-5        5-10       10-15       15+

Outdoor cooking  Y     N      Permanent grill  or Moveable grill                                                                                          Y     N

Notes on patio area(s)


Preferred patio material:   > Natural stone    > Brick    > Pavers    > Patterned concrete    > Concrete, colored

> Concrete, exposed aggregate    > Concrete, smooth-finish    > Other

Patio furniture

Fencing desired: Y     N       Purpose/Function

Number of gates                    Location(s)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Wall construction: Y     N       Purpose/Function

Deck desired: Y     N       Seating built into deck: Y     N       Planters built into deck: Y     N

Deck and other construction notes


Public Area

Number of cars                   Other vehicles

Notes on entry and/or driveway areas


Notes on perimeter areas, privacy and/or screening


Water Features      (Circle all that apply)          formal . . . . . VS . . . . .       informal

Pool                            Spa                              Pond                           Waterfall                   Steam bed                 Reflection pool

rubber liner              boulders                    concrete                    brick                           natural stone            wood

fish (koi)                     water plants              bubblers                    fountain                     night lighting of feature

Approximate size and other notes


Other Issues

Sculpture/lawn art

Pet considerations

Lawn and garden storage

Trash considerations

Notes on children’s play area


Vegetable garden?     Y     N       Existing?     Y     N                          Compost bin?     Y     N

Bird/wildlife considerations


Adjacent structures

Storage issues

Recreational considerations



Would you like a new irrigation system?     Y     N

 Would you like to renovate an existing system?     Y     N

Location of water meter

Location of water line at house

Water pressure                 PSI           Water volume                 GPM

Preferred location for new controller

Any potential problems?

Outdoor Lighting

Is landscape lighting desired?     Y     N          (Circle preferences)

Purpose/Function:          Accentuate Landscape   Safety                                 Security

Areas of special need:    Entry                                   Drive                                  Pathways                           Trees/Plants

House features                 Landscape features         Deck                                   Dock/Waterfront

Lighting notes


Existing outdoor lighting fixtures, 110v

Existing outdoor lighting fixtures, low-voltage


Are you having drainage problems?     Y     N

If yes, please explain and give location


Do you have a septic system?     Y     N

Location of tank and drain field (please enclose any drawn documents you may have)


The current landscape plan under development should reflect a total budget of:     $

This budget is to include:    [Circle all that apply]

Landscape design                        Landscape installation                 Irrigation system                          Outdoor lighting

Water features                             Demolition, removals                  Re-grading/fill work                     Retaining walls

Carpentry work                            Masonry work                              Flat work                                        Drainage issues

Clarifications or other considerations


What portion of this budget will be “contracted-out” as opposed to what you will do personally?     [Circle one]

All contracted . . . Mostly contracted . . . Just the big stuff contracted . . . I’ll do most of the work . . . I’ll do it all

Will the landscape plan be implemented in phases?       Y     N

If yes, please approximate budget and timeline phases

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