Want a great lawn? Stop using Iron! The moss vs grass fight rages on…

Controlling moss in lawns naturally requires a change in the cultural conditions where you want to grow grass.

Organic vs. Synthetic Systems

Gardening using Nature’s systems is better than any system man can create.

Carbon — A Garden Blessing and a World Curse

Life on Earth depends on Carbon. In our gardens, it is a blessing but released into our atmosphere and it can be a curse.

As goes Agriculture, so too Horticulture…

Hats off to our organic farmers!

Lower your water bill, part 1

Add compost to your lawn and save water!

Organic Fertilizers, a nice summary

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In Awe of Compost Tea!

Amazing FertileTea and the life we can brew in 24 hours!

Top Books for the Organic Gardener, a Holiday Shopping Guide

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Plant Nutrients: A nice reference summary…

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