Spiritual Renewal in Uncertain Times… Right in our own Backyards

Where do you go to renew your spirit? Have you tried your backyard?

Establishing Wildlife Habitat

Making a difference in this world starts in your own backyard…

Elevated Aluminum in Your Soil and its Effects

Managing Aluminum in your soils can be easier than you think.

What’s eating the edges of my Rhododendron?!

Noticing notched leaves on your Rhododendrons but can’t pinpoint the culprit? Most likely it is the sneaky Root Weevil…

Interactive Hardiness Map is Fab!

Check out the interactive USDA Hardiness Map!

Organic vs. Synthetic Systems

Gardening using Nature’s systems is better than any system man can create.

Carbon — A Garden Blessing and a World Curse

Life on Earth depends on Carbon. In our gardens, it is a blessing but released into our atmosphere and it can be a curse.

As goes Agriculture, so too Horticulture…

Hats off to our organic farmers!

Fall Favorite — Arbutus unedo ‘Compacta’

A favorite plant for all seasons, Arbutus unedo ‘Compacta’

Exciting News… The 2017 Whole Seed Catalog is about to be released!

The 2017 Whole Seed Catalog is to release November 17th! Ling=k to your copy here…