Elevated Aluminum in Your Soil and its Effects

Managing Aluminum in your soils can be easier than you think.

Carbon — A Garden Blessing and a World Curse

Life on Earth depends on Carbon. In our gardens, it is a blessing but released into our atmosphere and it can be a curse.

As goes Agriculture, so too Horticulture…

Hats off to our organic farmers!

Moss vs. Your Lawn… Who is Going to Win?

Controlling moss in lawns naturally requires a change in the cultural conditions where you want to grow grass.

Smart Watering: “Cycle n’ Soaking”

“Cycle and Soaking” is a technique for minimizing water usage while keeping your lawn green during our dry season and developing deeper root systems.

What to do about Tent Caterpillars…

Biological control of Tent Caterpillars can be an effective means to knock back these voracious feeders.

Lower your water bill, part 1

Add compost to your lawn and save water!

Finding Mycorrhizae in our Worm Castings (updated video link)

Mycorrhizal Fungi… The amazing microscopic building block under our feet!

New Lawn Weed Killer Uses 80% Less Chemical

Nano-technology promises to reduce pesticide residual for killing lawn weeds.

Organic Fertilizers, a nice summary

Organic fertilizers offer many advantages over their chemical counterparts. Learn more here…