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Need a garden sanctuary?

Your landscape is your own little piece of South Puget Sound, a stunning region with a high diversity of ecosystems, a place to celebrate and protect. Day to day life can be hectic, and what better way to end a day than stepping out into your own outdoor sanctuary? Our trusted team of professionals prioritize not only the aesthetics of your space, but the health too. We use restorative, organic methods that blend together the natural beauty of our region into your own backyard.  

Lawn & Plant Care

Fix your lawn and treat your diseased plants while taking care of Nature. Organic services will restore the health of your landscape so you can sit back and enjoy Nature right in your own backyard. 

Organic Services

All design work is custom tailored to meet the needs of those that inhabit and visit the landscape. Give us a call to see if we may be a good fit to re-envision a very special outdoor living place for you.

Sketch It Out

You’re eager to have your design installed and you want it done right. Built to last using high quality, sustainable materials, your landscape will minimize your footprint now and into the future. 

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Are you throwing money at your lawn and it still looks disappointing? Concerned about the effect of chemical treatments on your family, pets, and the environment?

A reliable organic lawn and plant care program builds nourishing soils to support a thriving landscape. Take your stress away. Enjoy the lush lawn and garden you always dreamed of without compromising the safety of your home environment.

It all starts with one very simple idea: Building healthy soils is key to a achieving a healthy and vibrant landscape. If there’s an imbalance in your soil, then your lawn and garden experience stress. Stress creates weakness and plants won’t thrive. Soil Testing is the key to taking the guesswork out of solving your lawn and plant problems and to start restoring a robust property.

Bill Peregrine, President of Earthdance Organics

A Message From Bill Peregrine, President of EDO


"I have worked with Earthdance Organics for several years. The variety of services and organic treatments have enhanced my landscape design, improved the health of my lawn and plants.  Thanks Earthdance, see you in the yard!"

Pamela S.

"I could not be happier with the results. Earthdance Organics has assembled a dream team of pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient people."

Aaron B.

"I was so pleased with the pruning service I received from Earthdance Organics. They arrived on time and did a walk through with me, listening carefully to my request and suggestions. They were helpful in collaborating on the right pruning cuts for shaping a variety of trees, dogwoods, crab apple, spruce and sourwoods. I highly recommend Earthdance Organics for pruning your ornamental trees."

Karen L.

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Organic Lawn & Plant Care 

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Enjoy peace of mind
  • Luxuriate in a landscape that is nurtured the way Nature intended 

  • Play stress-free: no toxic substances for kids, pets and neighbors

Do your part
  • Protect our water resources 

  • Support native species

  • Fight climate change and sustain the future

CREATE a sanctuary
  • Relax in your own outdoor oasis

  • Create interest in every season

  • Invite butterflies, birds, and other wildlife to your backyard 

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