Lawn Renovation

Revitalize Your Turf To Get A Lawn Worth Bragging About

Lawn Problems

Are you dealing with a sparse lawn full of dead patches, weeds, moss, or puddling water? It’s time to fix these problems and ensure they don’t come back. Our full lineup of lawn renovation services will give your lawn the boost it needs to be lush and green year round.

All these problems point to poor soil health. We start all of our services with a Soil Test to understand what's happening beneath the surface and how to bring it into balance. Our goal is to restore Healthy Soils to your landscape.

Reseeding Your Lawn

As part of your lawn renovation we will prepare the soil, re-seed, and apply a seed cover that will help the new seed become established. Then we follow-up with a minimum of a year of our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Program (6 service rounds) to ensure your lawn will grow robust and resilient.

This can be done for a fraction of the cost of removing an old lawn, and installing a new one. Our process will also include aeration and dethatching, to ensure success.

Grass Seed Choices

We offer a variety of grass seed choices, including traditional and alternative grass seed options. We use seed mixes from ProTime Lawn Seed, a local Portland, Oregon company. They have many options from conventional to Pacific Northwest native mixes and sports turf mixes. They are focused on environmentally friendly grass mixes that are non-GMO and neonicotinoid free.

Traditional Lawns

Grass seed is commonly overlooked for its unique qualities. Many times we see our lawn as just “grass” when in reality it is a select group of “plants” designed to perform a specific function. We have a grass seed mix that will meet your needs. Whether full sun or full shade, or somewhere inbetween. We have seed mixes for hard-use playfields, hard-to-mow areas, and low water areas too. We can help you find the right seed mix for a lush and verdant lawn, year-round.

Alternative Lawns

We now offer lawn alternatives. This Fleur de Lawn® has many benefits over a traditional lawn with 100% grass/sod. It offers more for your soil, for the pollinators, and for the beauty of your yard. It is also more drought tolerant than traditional lawns.

Fleur de Lawn® is a special blend of plants developed in collaboration with Oregon State University. These plants grow in a symbiotic relationship with each other: clover offers Nitrogen fixing in the soil and crowds out weeds. Yarrow has a taproot that penetrates deep into the soil and accesses water. English daisies offer food for pollinators, and grass that offers a tough turf soil cover that’s fun to play in.

The Fleur de Lawn® can be mowed at a 3” height like a more manicured lawn, or mowed to a height of 5” for more of a meadow look. Depending on your color pallet and preferences, this mix is available with just white flowers, or pink and white flowers.

We have other lawn seed options for your lawn renovation service. Please ask us about the various options available. We have mixes with chamomile, which add a sweet fragrance to the yard, and seed mixes especially for no-irrigation situations. We even have wildflower mixes! There are so many ways to customize the beauty of your yard.

Increased Drought Tolerance

A great benefit of renovating your lawn, and encouraging its resilience, is that its deeper roots provide greater protection in the drier weather. The Pacific Northwest is increasingly experiencing hotter, drier summers. If you don’t mind your lawn going dormant during the summer, we recommend that you stop watering. A great benefit to this, is that it will weather the hot, dry summers better, and return lush and green once the rains return in the Fall. 

See our slide show for a step-by-step of our process for our Lawn Renovation service. 

Other Lawn & Landscape Treatments

We use only Organic Fertilizers that break down over time, feeding turf the food it needs

We have safe solutions for insect problems in your yard

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