Technical Pruning 

Our professionals Will Keep Your Special Plants Looking Their Best


Our Technical Pruning Services focus on ornamental trees and shrubs that are too special for quick shrub and tree trimming and too small for climbing arborists. We offer this service for the prized and eye-catching focal points in our landscapes that are no taller than 20’ tall. You can have confidence in our highly trained Technicians to professionally prune and shape your special ornamental trees and shrubs.



How Does The Process Work?

Before commencing work, a Technician will meet with you on the day of service to understand your aesthetic preferences and discuss a plan of action. Pruning typically happens in the winter when trees are dormant. In some cases we perform summer pruning to help shape trees.

As well as considering aesthetics, we make sure to take into account the health of the trees and shrubs we prune. We make thinning cuts, which not only shape the tree but also improve air circulation throughout the branches, reducing the risk of pests and diseases. We also survey the overall health of the tree, and make recommendations regarding watering, fertilization, and soil amendment.

Routine maintenance of your trees and shrubs will not only keep them attractive but healthy. If your trees are in desperate need of substantial pruning, they may need to be serviced once a year for a few years. Our goal is to get your trees to the point where they only need structural pruning once every 3 years.

We follow the procedures of “The ABCs Field Guide to Young and Small Tree Pruning” by Andrew Pleninger and Chris Luley, Ph.D. We also adhere to the guidelines established by Plant Amnesty. You can learn more about pruning by reading our blog post on the topic.

If you’re looking for DIY resources, please review these guidelines from the Tacoma Tree Foundation.

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