Lawn & Plant CARE services 

Caring For Your Landscape The Way Nature Intended

Organic Lawn Care 

Earthdance Organics will help guide you in transforming your underperforming lawn, to a lush, vibrant healthy turf. We'll evaluate your soils to get to the root of the problem. To restore your soil, we'll create a tailored program for you that combines our FertileTea, Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments, and annual core aeration.  Once your soil is revitalized, a healthy lawn will follow.

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Organic Plant Care 

Earthdance Organics can help you improve the health of your landscape, transforming it from struggling to thriving! The focus on healthy soil and FertileTea applications will provide the foundation that all plants need to grow strong and spritely. Regardless of the nutritional needs of the plants that grow in your yard, Earthdance Organics will guide you to a healthy landscape.

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Lawn Renovations

Lawn maintenance can be difficult, and sometimes it's gotten into such poor condition you may want to start from scratch before diving into organics. Our savvy technicians can come out and give your lawn a whole new look. Whether you want grass or maybe you want to experiment with clover and other alternatives, we can help you get a fresh start with our full lineup of Lawn Renovation Services.
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Technical Pruning

 Ornamental trees and shrubs require special care and attention to keep them growing in the right form and in the best condition. Our expertly trained staff will come out to chat with you before getting started on pruning and shaping your prized plants. This is a service we offer to our clients enrolled in our organic services. 
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Weed Control

If you're struggling with unwanted plant guests in your landscape, our experts can help you identify and control these problem plants. After we identify the weed, we will consult with you on the best approach for management. We employ various techniques to reduce weeds including: increasing soil health, using organic pre-emergent herbicides, and reducing the bare areas of soil they thrive in.

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Pest Control

We use a wholistic approach when identifying and controlling diseases and pests. We aren't your typical "spray-and-kill" company, as we understand friends like the bees and ladybugs are hanging around your garden too. We take a proactive approach by building your soils, the first line of defense against pest and disease. We also offer preemptive solutions like Dormant Oil Spray, which covers the foliage with a protective layer against bugs and fungal diseases. 
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Moss Removal

Earthdance Organics will help you to find the right methods to eliminate moss and enhance the health of your lawn, all while maintaining an organic lifestyle through our Organic Lawn Care Program.

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