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Get The Healthy, Thriving Landscape You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Are you tired of looking out of your window at a struggling landscape? Do you have insects eating your shrubs or diseases afflicting your plants? Are weeds taking over your planting beds and borders?  We can help you get the landscape of your dreams that's bursting with life, visited by beautiful butterflies, birds, and other wildlife - all done the way Nature intended.  

We take a three-pronged approach:

  1. We provide excellent plant nutrition by feeding the soil, boosting microbial life, and enhancing plant immunity.

  2. We support plant defenses through bacterial applications and dormant oil spray.

  3. We build healthy soils, adding organic matter and a variety of soil amendments where needed.

Common Soil Problems We Address:

  • Lack of Soil Biology – Soil life is essential to growing healthy plants. Good bacteria and fungi can help plants gain access to soil nutrition by extending their roots to access water and food. They can also improve their immune systems.

  • Compaction – In compacted soils, roots are not able to access the oxygen they need in order to function properly. This results in rotting or stunted roots, which weakens plants and makes them more susceptible to disease and infection.

  • Lack of Nutrition – Soils lacking in key nutrients severely limit plant growth and vigor. In cases of acidic soils, nutrients may be stored in the soil but are unavailable for plant absorption.

  • Weeds can take over parts of your yard. They tend to thrive in poor soil conditions, enriching the soil can encourage other plants to grow, crowding out weeds.

  • Lack of Organic Material in soil. If there’s not enough organic matter in the soil, plants can lack good nutrition. It holds onto water and nutrients, making them available to plants.

Our Plant Care Program

Our Organic Plant Care Program will renew your soils so that plants can grow strong and resilient. You will be amazed at how fast your plants revitalize after our probiotic compost tea (FertileTea) treatments. We mix our freshly brewed FertileTea with customized organic amendments, specifically determined by your Soil Test results. We only use organic-based methods. These methods not only support robust, healthy plants, but ensure that you and your family stay healthy. 

Feel Good About Doing Your Par

Much of our industry applies toxic chemicals that are not safe for people, pets, or wildlife. We are committed to using practices that are non-toxic and closely replicate Nature’s own processes. Each subdivided piece of land connects to another and collectively makes up the Puget Sound watershed ecosystem. We can support you in helping to preserve this unique habitat and to keep our net impact on the environment positive.

For trees and shrubs that are struggling and need extra, more immediate assistance, we offer Deep Root Feeding services.

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