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Are Dandelions Taking Over Your Lawn?

Do you despair when you see those white puffy seed heads emerge and blow all over your yard? Are there too many growing to dig out by hand? Earthdance Organics can guide you to Organic Weed Control.


Dandelions are a classic garden weed, one that kids love to play with and adults more often despise. Kids find such joy in playing with the seed heads, but adults know the fate of blowing seeds everywhere- more dandelions growing wherever they land! Dandelions spread easily and can take over a lawn.

The dandelion is a broadleaf perennial, which means it comes back every year. It has extremely long, robust roots that can grow up to 10” long. These “taproots” make dandelions quite hardy and resilient. They prefer a full sun location, but will grow in some shade too. When dug out, if some of the taproot remains, it grows back, as strong as before.

As a perennial, it may die back during winter, but re-emerge in the Spring with new leaves, stronger than ever! The yellow flowers appear in early spring, followed by the familiar seed heads or ‘dandelion clocks’. These seed heads will be carried on the wind to multiple locations, and the cycle will start all over again.

Lawn Care Solution

The good news is that dandelions can be controlled before they take over your lawn, or even after, by improving the health of your grass. Earthdance Organics, will help you to achieve a lush healthy lawn. Our FertileTea treatment will invigorate the grassroots, and our Organic Lawn Care Program, which includes re-seeding, will fill in any gaps of bare earth, where seeds may take root.

Mowing your lawn on the high setting (keeping your grass at 2-3” high) will crowd out the dandelions and ensure that they won’t have enough light to thrive. Improved turf health will also crowd out any root space available for dandelions to grow in.

Organic Pre-Emergent & Herbicide Treatments

Earthdance Organics recommends use of organic pre-emergent herbicides to treat dandelions. Corn gluten meal is used to prevent new seeds from growing roots when they germinate. The shoots that grow, will die quickly with no root support.

Organic Herbicide Treatments

Treatment with organic herbicides is safer than conventional weed killers. They have low toxicity and break down quickly, making it safe for your family and pets to enjoy the yard. These are used to treat any weeds already present. When used in conjunction with the pre-emergent herbicide, the combination can be very effective.

Don’t despair, dandelions in your lawn and landscape can be controlled. A combination of cultural control (soil treatment) and organic weed treatment, can help you realize your goal of a safe, beautiful, healthy lawn.

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