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Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the land we work on is the traditional territory of the Duwamish, Nisqually, Puyallup, Muckleshoot, and Coast Salish people past and present. These Tribes have stewarded this land for centuries. We respect that their intimacy and sacred relationship with this land, the adjacent water, and the species that inhabit both has built a tremendous knowledge. We revere the leadership and guidance that these Tribes offer as we continue to learn about how we can live in respect and care for these lands too.

Environmental Commitment

We believe that as trusted cultivators of our land it is our responsibility to be leaders in creating landscapes that reach a balance with Nature. We continuously search for better ways for people and Nature to coexist harmoniously. The answers we seek have always existed and we look to Nature and those that walked before us as our counsel. We are committed to understanding and replicating Nature’s naturally occurring systems because a healthy yard equals a healthier world for everyone.

Earthdance Organics is an organic and sustainable landscape company dedicated to restoring natural systems. From the creativity of sustainable design right through to ongoing organic lawn and plant care services, we have the ability to transform your property into beautiful living spaces that are safe for your family and pets while addressing the larger environmental concerns in your community.

Our Complete Landscape Services Include:

Organic Lawn & Plant Care

Whether you have a newly established landscape or a tired, worn out lawn, natural and organic food for your plants and soils will help create the landscape you’ve been dreaming of. The centerpiece of our work is our FertileTea that brings back the microbial life damaged in the construction process. Our process is to replicate and encourage Nature’s natural systems. This requires observance and thoughtful, high-quality natural products that supplements the nutritional needs of your plants and feeds the beneficial microbes in your soils. As your soils mature into healthy, biologically active communities your plants begin to defend for themselves.

Sustainable Landscape Design

More than just another pretty design we take into consideration short-term and long-term cost effectiveness, reducing maintenance, micro-climate conditions, natural rainwater infiltration and storage, choosing the right plant for the right place, long term energy needs, habitat protection/creation, stormwater management, and the use of sustainable elements such as rain gardens, permeable paving systems, low-volume irrigation — just to name a few. In the end, you will have a dynamic design that reflects your needs and at the same time meets the needs of Nature.

Low-Impact Landscape Installation

Let’s face it, landscape construction is energy intensive work and will require importing off-site resources. Our goal is to look at all aspects of your construction project and minimize our footprint today and into the future. We begin by looking at reusing available resources. Then we see if we can purchase recycled or repurposed materials. We ask our suppliers for sound environmental products. And we even consider changing a specification to do less work if we think we can still accomplish our long-term goals. But all our work is useless if we need to tear out your landscape a few years from now… Sustainable gardens always begin with quality workmanship and materials.

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