A Safe Way to Combat this weedy grass Look-Alike
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How Do I know It's Nutsedge?

Nutsedge is not a true grass, but a member of the Sedge family. Sedges are easy to identify with the easy to remember saying: ‘Sedges have edges’. The stems of sedges are solid. A cross-section through the stem shows that they are triangular in shape. This plant is easily identified by its ‘V’ shape, and spray of small white flowers.

Watch Out For Lawn Invasion

Nutsedge is difficult to control because it is a deep-rooted, perennial lawn weed which spreads by rhizomes, sprouting new plants from April to July. Left unchecked, it can take over your lawn. Organic control for Nutsedge is paramount to having a beautiful lawn.

It's Water-Loving

Nutsedge prefers moisture, and you will find it growing in the poorly drained parts of your lawn and planting beds where puddling occurs. This is one of many reasons for addressing compacted soil in the landscape. Our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Program takes into account all aspects of landscape care, aerating and amending both lawns and planting beds to alleviate these problems.

Safe and Non-Toxic Weed Control

Earthdance Organics can guide you towards eliminating sneaky weeds in your lawn. We have developed a non-toxic, family and pet friendly protocol to target pernicious weeds, such as nutsedge.

  1. Our holistic landscape treatment, with FertileTea and organic fertilizers and amendments will enrich your soil, providing nutrients for lawn and landscape plants. We spray to kill weedy plants, and then work to establish a thicker, robust lawn to make it difficult for weeds to get a foot-hold in the future.

  2. Lawn Aeration will help to eliminate the moist conditions that nutsedge prefers. We will aerate your lawn or landscape as part of your individualized plan

  3. Add soil amendments to improve drainage and enrich the soil.

  4. Mow your lawn high, on the top mower settings. If nutsedge is cut off too low, it stimulates more growth, and can take over the lawn. On the higher mower settings, your perennial lawn will crowd out the nutsedge, growing healthy and strong.

  5. Organic Pre-emergent Treatments Earthdance Organics recommends use of organic pre-emergent herbicides to treat weeds. Corn gluten meal is used to prevent new seeds from growing roots when they germinate. The shoots that grow, will die quickly with no root support.

  6. Organic Herbicide Treatments Treatment with organic herbicides is safer than conventional weed killers. They have low toxicity and break down quickly, making it safe for your family and pets to enjoy the yard. These are used to treat any weeds already present. When used in conjunction with the pre-emergent herbicide, the combination can be very effective.

With our help, you can follow these steps towards a healthier lawn and landscape. Lawns and other plants will thrive, leaving less space for nutsedge and other weeds.

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