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A Safe, Natural Solution For Weeds


We Have An Easy Solution For Weeds In Your Lawn Or Garden.

Weeds are only weeds if we define them to be so. They easily establish themselves and are quite hardy and resilient. Weeds are the first to inhabit a place where soil has been disturbed, for example, in construction sites. They can take root and restore the soil where other plants cannot. In our yards, when we dig the soil or rototill, weeds take advantage of this open ground. They are survivors and have an amazing ability to grow in the most inhospitable place – yet we don’t want them growing in our yards!

Beauty or beast? Dandelion seed heads greet the morning sun

Organic Weed Control starts with healthy soil. Rebalancing nutrients and soil pH can discourage weeds from growing, as they usually thrive in poor soil. Weeds dominate in depleted soils low in Nitrogen and other essential nutrients, where they continue to reproduce and outpace other garden plants. We use non-toxic solutions to address weed problems. Throw away your synthetic chemicals, and we can lead you towards a safer kind of weed control.

Earthdance Organics’ natural weed control will address all your weed problems. We take into consideration all the garden variables, such as the microclimate and soil type, in order to tailor a program unique to your needs and to reduce weed growth in your yard and in your planting beds.

Steps To Organic Weed Control:

  1. Test Your Soil to determine imbalances in nutrients, pH, and composition.

  2. Change Soil Conditions to nourish a thicker turf – apply a probiotic tea, FertileTea, and organic fertilizers

  3. Organic Herbicides that are safe for the earth, people and pets

  4. Corn Gluten Meal to suppress weed germination

  5. Mulch problem areas with a thick layer to cover bare earth

  6. Add More Plants to fill in ecological niches

Weed Control

Organic Pre-emergent Treatments

We use corn gluten meal, as an organic control for weeds in your yard. It’s applied in the Fall to prevent new weeds from developing. Corn gluten meal inhibits the roots of new weed seedlings from developing, so any germinating seedlings will die back. This organic herbicide also has the benefit of containing Nitrogen, which is slowly released into the soil providing plants with nutrients for 3-4 months.

Organic Herbicide Treatments

Treatment with organic herbicides is safer than conventional weed killers. They have low toxicity and break down quickly, making it safe for your family and pets to enjoy the yard. These are used to treat any weeds already present. When used in conjunction with the pre-emergent herbicide, the combination can be very effective.

The main weeds we need to control in the Tacoma, and South Puget Sound area are:


Mulch as Weed Control

We recommend covering cultivated soil with a layer of mulch, it could be wood chips from an arborist, or decorative bark mulch/dust from fir or hemlock trees, straw or gravel/rocks. This not only inhibits the weeds, but keeps the soil and plant roots cool, ensuring moisture retention, and healthier plants.


Adding Plants to your yard will further help to stifle weeds. A mixture of perennials, shrubs, trees, grasses, turf and groundcovers, surrounded by bark mulch, will help to ensure that weeds won’t take over your landscape again. We can guide you through these steps, starting with soil health and show you a path towards a thriving garden.

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